Innovation Projects

New innovative models of learning

Instructional Design

With a total of 43 projects under development the creation of reusable learning content has been embraced across the ATU. This digital content is particularly relevant in a blended learning environment as the short length and interactive format means they are highly effective at getting the message across to students enhancing their online experience. This method of learn course production is a particularly relevant tool that will stand alone as an efficient and innovative method of content production for blended learning, and also play a key supporting role in ‘Flipped classroom’ teaching approach and the development of Micro-credentials and MOOCs. The first major project, a preparatory course in computing for students of Data Science took place over the summer of 2022.


What is it?

Our aim is to create courses that engage all learners.

Why is it important?

Our team of experts combine the use of innovative tools, technologies, and models of learning to craft courses that engage younger and lifelong learners. We do this in conjunction with our industry partners so that our course are responsive to their needs.

How is it being applied to this project?

Our team of Instructional Designers produces high-quality teaching and learning materials for academic teams; working through the ABC Framework with a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) lens, the team customises their support for each project. We work across four Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), building courses to support and engage students during their learning journey. Our work includes building interactive videos, amination and podcasts, supporting best practices in presentation design and infographics, creating eBooks and graphics, and designing formative and summative assessments, using tools such as Camtasia, Panopto, VideoScribe, H5P, Office 365, Adobe Suite, Articulate 360, Moodle and Blackboard. Additionally, we provide academic training and guidelines to support best practices and upskill academics during their project, enabling them to integrate their new skills/tools into their other modules.