Higher Education 4.0 is an ambitious, innovative, and collaborative project from the Atlantic Technological University (ATU).

This project has two distinct themes:

  • “Learning Pathways into and through Higher Education”
  • “Lean Agile Programme and Content Creation”

The externally facing, service, “Learning Pathways”, provides RPL and careers/study advisory services via mycareerpath.ie, focused on accessibility and future proofing learners with industry relevant skills. The development of MyCareerPath.ie and additional services under the Career and Learning Pathways programme is informed by regular engagement with employers via the Business Liaison Team and various industry engagement events. The service has established five learning pathways uses these pathways to advise individuals on the learning pathways available to them to achieve their career objectives or improve their employability. Further information is available via www.mycareerpath.ie and the news section of this site.

The second, internally facing, service involves building a system to respond quickly to employer and learner needs in an agile, efficient and cost-effective way. Agility and responsiveness also require agile processes and appropriate policies and regulations within institutions. A significant part of this project will be dedicated to developing evidence-based recommendations for policy, regulation and process changes required by agile HE institutes and implementing these in partner institutions. Projects completed to date include a work based learning programme in Furniture Design and Manufacturing, a bridging certificate in computing for learners in the MSc Data Science delivered using reusable learning content, a BA in Hospitality Management, and the development of a ‘Maker Space’ for ATU students which will also be accessible to local youth groups. The news section of this site will be updated with the progress of the wide range of projects under Theme 2.


Agile policy development for efficient course delivery ensures team can rapidly meet employer and industry needs.

Deeply Committed

Dedicated project team aligned to project objectives, working collaboratively to deliver a new way of learning.

Highly Skilled

Highly qualified career pathway advisors, instructional designers, and recognition of prior learning officers, provide expert guidance on all aspects of the project.