Get Involved

The Higher Education 4.0 project is successful due to the quality and strength of the partnerships we have built internally with ATU staff and externally with our industry partners. If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved contact us that the details below.

Industry Partnerships

Career and Learning Pathways

We work with businesses of all sizes by helping them with staff training and progression. We guide employees through a career development programme that is supported by access to a qualified guidance counsellor, we also support businesses by facilitating access to bespoke programmes, and by guiding employees through the Recognition of Prior Learning process to ensure that they can achieve their qualifications in the most efficient manner. 

For more information about how can help retain staff and support internal progression contact Bridie Killoran, Career and Learning Pathways Manager

Innovation Projects

We work with industry to identify, develop and delivery courses that fit the needs of their employees. These courses range form free non-accredited online courses, to special purpose awards through to full work-based learning degrees that involve lengthy student placements. Our aim is to help industry with upskilling, reskilling, retention and progression for their employees. For more details contact Noel Mulkeen.

Internal ATU Partnerships

The Innovators Club was started to support better communication between the Higher Education 4.0 Project team and the teams of academics and professional services staff running the sub-projects. Meetings of the club take place online once a quarter and at each meeting 3 to 4 speakers give an overview of their project. It connects the teams working on the various sub-projects and lets them find out about the innovative ideas coming from other areas of the project. In fact, we’ve noticed that after each meeting new collaborations are formed, and contacts are established that otherwise may not have happened. 

The Innovators club is a friendly, relaxed environment where members can talk freely about their outputs, challenges, and share learnings with each other. It was important on setting up this group that it didn’t feel like extra ‘work’. We’ve also set up a SharePoint site and a yammer channel as we have the specific intention of developing informal, cross campus channels of communication between the teams.  

The club is a way of recognizing that the people who have stepped up to take on projects are innovators and should be applauded for their passion and commitment. The feedback has been very positive, people appreciate the sense of belonging and like being part of something bigger than themselves. Our hope is that it will live on longer than the lifetime of the Higher Education 4.0 project and we plan on opening it to all ATU staff members.  

In the words of one of our key influencers, Diana Laurillard; “Innovation moves forward when there is the opportunity for professionals to collaborate, exchange ideas, experiment and share the results” (2018).  

If you are an ATU staff member and would like to be added to the Innovators Club contact Eamon Walsh or Stephen Glennon.