Career & Learning Pathways


This aspect of the project looks at pathways into and through higher education. This incorporates a regional service for RPL- the recognition of prior learning – and the development of personalised career and learning pathways. This service is delivered through an online platform,

This online platform has been developed with engagement with employers and potential students to the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) to ensure that the pathways offer the best guidance to those looking to upskill, retrain or return to education. The service advises candidates on the learning pathways available to them and how to achieve their career objectives or improve their employability. Learners have an initial meeting with a Careers and Learning Pathway advisor where they will discuss their career goals, they will then follow their career path which includes access to hundreds of online e-learning courses, career and employability assessments and strengths profile tools. At the end of their learning journey the learner will have another 30 minute meeting with their advisor to discuss the next steps in progressing their career including potential ATU courses.

This service has 5 distinct paths: 

  • New Beginnings: People at the start of their career.
  • Career Accelerator: People at the early stage of their career looking to progress.
  • Mastery Path: People mid-career looking to progress, specialise or develop leadership skills.
  • Dream Builder: Significant experience looking to specialise.
  • Entrepreneurs: People making the transition to self-employment

Strengths PATH Programme

As part of our mission to improve access to Higher Education we have launched a new online Strengths PATH Programme. Based on the theory that people are at their best either studying a course that interests them or doing work they enjoy, this programme helps learners identify their strengths and use this knowledge to help determine course choices. This programme is targeted at learners who have left education early or would like to re-engage with education, we are providing training to youth leaders so that they can mentor learners as they progress though the programme. The Career and Learning Pathway team with the Instructional Design team to develop a programme that will be informative and engaging for the target youth audience.

Higher Education 4.0 Enterprise Engagement- Delivering Skills for Industry

Higher Education 4.0 Industry engagement is centred on establishing a dynamic ATU Employers Liaison Committee and strategy to ensure that the ATU can provide the best possible service to enterprise and employees. The ambition is to provide career learning pathways and Lifelong Learning opportunities which are agile, targeted and relevant to the 21st century workplace. To date there have been several employer engagement events and from this we have refined the MyCareerPath experience and further developed the service we offer to industry.

How we engage with industry:  

  1. Employers we can assist you in developing and upskilling employees and increasing employee retention by providing career learning programmes. These programmes assist employers in developing the training pathways required to futureproof employee’s skillsets. 
  2. Employees looking to develop their education and training goals. We offer one-to-one career learning mentoring through career and learning pathways including recognition of prior learning (RPL) for learners. Learners can get access to an extensive library of career assessments and e-learning courses to enhance their confidence and self-awareness. 
  3. Ongoing Industry Engagement with alignment of Industry, higher education, state agencies and community.

If you are an employer and you would like further information about and how it can support your organisation email