Innovation Projects

New innovative models of learning

Innovative Models of Online Learning

As part of the Higher Ed 4.0 project we are developing a model for project-based learning for the ATU. The first two years of a project-based learning course will see high level learning outcomes delivered via project-based learning, with the low-level learning outcomes delivered via self-directed learning. This will be followed by two years of work-based learning which will feature a combination of study and on-the-job training culminating in a final year project.



Innovative Models of Learning

Micro-Based Credential Awards

Micro-credentials are short, accredited courses which are narrow in scope and flexible in pace & delivery.

Work Based Learning

These courses allow students to complete work-based projects and enjoy extended work placements.

Project Based Learning

Developing a model for project-based learning for the ATU


Using technology to enhance access to third level education and reach a global audience