Innovation Projects

New innovative models of learning

Innovation is a key theme of the Higher Ed 4.0 project, our core aim is to build a system to respond quickly to employer and learner needs in an agile, efficient, and cost-effective way and to develop new innovative models of learning to engage both younger and lifelong learners

Innovative Models of Online Learning

Developing a model for project-based learning for the ATU: Micro Based Credential Awards, Work Based Learning, Project Based Learning & MOOCS

Instructional Design

This form of digital content is particularly relevant in a blended learning environment


These spaces will support the project-based learning programmes developed as part of Higher Ed 4.0

Remote Labs

Remote laboratories can allow users to remotely control equipment in a lab to perform experiments and laboratory tasks over the Internet without...

Adaptive Learning

Revolutionising how we approach the first year engineering modules by using adaptive learning.

Digital Credentials

A pilot programme researching the introduction of Digital Academic Credentials.

Professional Recording Studios

Professional recording booths to support academic staff in creating online content.