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Higher Education 4.0 Project provides opportunities for students to pursue MSc in Data Science.

  • Programming course for MSc in Data Scientists that don’t have a computing background.
  • Opens up Data Science to wider audience.
  • Makes use of Reusable Learning Content.

In preparation for higher level modules, a bridging course(Certificate in Computing) was designed and delivered online over the summer semester to provide a foundation for students, who do not have a computing background, to transition into computing and be eligible for the MSc in Data Science.

As a fully online course, the Higher Education 4.0 project offered an opportunity to develop module content which enables learners to engage at their own pace and make use of supporting educational quality resources available online.

I really liked how most of the content was pre-recorded allowing you to go back and look at it or pause it while going through it. I also thought the lecturers were very helpful and good at conveying the concepts.

Student Feedback

As a condensed course, the learning material was structured and suitably presented so that learners could progress through various interactive tools to self-assess and manage their learning. This was achieved through use of pre-recorded lectures, demonstrations embedded with knowledge checks, short quizzes and supporting links to extension or additional related exercises.

Self-Assessment Quiz with ‘I am confused’ button

H5P was used to provide rich HTML5 content with features such as an “I’m confused” button to enable the lecturer to know specifically which content possibly needed refining and further explanation. Multiple communication channels supported learners in discussions and collaboration on tasks and private journals enabled a communication channel, between learner and lecturer, to track progress through reflective journals or seek clarification and support when needed.

When asked to rate the Course Structure and Learning Resources, student responses averaged 5, on a 5-point scale, strongly agreeing that the modules on the course were well prepared, and organised, that each learning content explained new terms , concepts, and principles clearly, was assessable, stimulating, and challenging.

“I found the structure of the pre-recorded videos very useful and with the live lecture for questions based on the content.”

Student Feedback

This content can also be used again in the future, the main aim of developing the learning content within the modules was reusability. Having short bite size learning sequences enables this content to be reused in other related modules. Within computing key concepts found across all three modules are core elements of many of our courses and having reusable learning objects will support and enhance the resources already available across our courses. Learners can utilise such objects as further practice or alternatively independent catch up / revision on particular “topical areas”.

This course was developed with funding from the Higher Education 4.0 Project which is funded by the HCI under Pillar 3.

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