ATU MakerSpace is a pioneering initiative that brings technology and creativity to secondary schools, inspiring students to consider science and technology as exciting career choices. Through engaging workshops and hands-on experiences, ATU Maker Space opens doors to a world of innovation and opportunity, bridging the gap between learning and real-world application. ATU Maker Space is part of the ATU Higher Education 4.0 project which is funded by the HCI under Pillar 3.


Flashforge Creator 3 Pro-Dual Head FDM 3D Printer

We have 2 x Flashforge Creator 3 Pro Dual Head 3D Printers, 1 x Flashforge Adventurer 4  3D Printer and 2 x Flashforge Adventurer 5M Pro 3D Printers.

The Flashforge Creator 3 Pro can 3D print with an extensive range of plastic and composite materials including PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, PVA, ASA, and Woodfil. The dual 0.4mm extruders allow the printer to either print a two colour model or duplicate a single colour model or print with a main material and removable support material. The large print bed size is L 300mm x D 250mm x H 200mm and the fully enclosed chamber can support nozzle temperatures of 320 °C and the print bed 120 °C.

The Flashforge Adventurer 4 is fitted with a High Speed nozzle and can 3D print at speeds up to 150mm/s with an extensive range of plastic and composite materials including ABS / PLA / PC / PETG / PLA-CF / PET. The printer is a single 0.4mm nozzle and can support temperatures of 240 ºC and the bed can support temperatures of 110 ºC.The bed size is L220mm x D200mm x H250mm and is a fully enclosed chamber. 

The Flashforge Adventurer 5M Pro is a Core XY machine with printing speeds of up to 600mm/s and can print with an extensive range of plastic and composite materials including  ABS / PLA / PC / PETG / PLA-CF / PET. The printer is a single 0.4mm nozzle and can support temperatures of 280 ºC and the bed can support temperatures of 110 ºC. The bed size is  L220mm x D220mm x H220mm and is a fully enclosed chamber.

The recommended slicing software is Flashprint V5 and the software can accept 3D models in STL, OBJ, 3MF and STP formats. This is available on the ATU Portal and on the Makerspace Laptops.

Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Heat Press

The Cricut Maker 3 is a smart cutting tool. It can cut over 300+ materials from delicate paperto leather and wood veneer. We use it primarily as a Vinyl Cutting machine and inconjunction with the Cricut Heat Press it can cut heat-transfer vinyl (HTV) to make t-shirts,tote bags and wall art. It has interchangeable tool heads that can cut different material types.Our machine has a fine point blade and a deep point blade for cutting thicker materials up to1.5mm thick such as leather, felt and heavy cardstock. The maximum cutting size using amat is W300mm x L600mm and using Cricut Smart Vinyl roll is 300mm x 1000mm. The HeatPress is 225mm x 255mm and can reach temperatures of up to 205 ºC.The software for the Cricut Maker 3 is Cricut Design Studio. This application is partly cloud based so you will need to create a free Cricut ID account on the Cricut website first to login to the application.The software can accept the following file types JPG, GIF, PNG, HEIC, BMP, SVG, or .DXF.

Snapmaker Artisan 3 in 1 CNC

The Snapmaker Artisan 3 in 1 machine is a CNC Mill, Dual Head 3D Printer and a 10W

Diode Laser cutter. We have the machine set up to be a CNC Mill. The machine can cut thicker materials up to 10mm. Acceptable materials include Hardwood (Beech, Walnut), Softwood, HDF, MDF, Plywood, Jade, Carbon Fiber, Acrylic, Epoxy Tooling Board, and PCB boards. The work area is 400mm x 400mm and the 200W spindle has a maximum speed of 18,000 RPM.

The shank diameter is between 0.5 mm–6.35 mm and the maximum feeds and
speeds for wood and plastic are:
Max. Work Speed
50 mm/s (Beech)
33 mm/s (Acrylic)
Max. Stepdown
2 mm (Beech)
1 mm (Acrylic)

For other materials please consult the manual or online documentation.
The software for the Snapmaker is called Luban and is available on the ATU Portal or the Makerspace Laptops.

Epson A4 EcoTank Dye Sublimation Printer and Large Heat Press

Sublimation Printing is a digital printing technique which uses heat to transfer dye ontospecially coated sublimation materials and some standard plastics. Our Epson EcoTankprinter uses Sublinova Smart Ink formulated for use in Epson printers, and is designed toallow users to heat transfer images onto most synthetic materials. These include materialssuch as polyester, coated ceramic mugs, spandex, nylon, sublimation plates or slates, andother ‘ dye-sub ready ’ sublimates.The printer requires the use of Sublinova sublimation paper and cannot use standard copypaper. This special paper is only coated on one side so make sure the paper is loaded incorrectly before printing.No special software is required to use the printer but for best results and colour accuracy adye-sublimation printer profile should be loaded inside your graphics application of choice.This is available on all the Makerspace Laptops

Flux Beamo and FluxHexa Lasercutters

Our two lasercutters can engrave, score, and cut a wide variety of flat sheet materials from plywood & acrylic to leather & glass. The work area on the Beamo is 300mm x 210mm and on the Hexa is 730mm x 410mm. The Beamo’s 30W laser can cut material up to 3mm thickness in one pass and the Hexa’s 60W laser up to 10mm in one pass. Both lasercutters have a camera preview system for accurate placement. For cutting or scoring you will need files in SVG, DXF, PDF or AI format. For engraving you will need files in JPG, BMP, or PNG format. The software for the laser cutter is called Beam Studio and is available on the ATU Portal and is installed on all the Makerspace Laptops.

Shining 3D Einstar 3D Scanner

The Einstar 3D Scanner is a handheld full colour scanner capable of scanning people andobjects down to a resolution of 0.1mm with a maximum object size of 1400mm. The scanneris tethered to the laptop whilst running the scan but can be used to scan objects outside.The scanner can generate full colour 3D models in OBJ, STL, PLY and 3MF formats.The software is called EXStar and is on the ATU Portal and also installed on all the Makerspace laptops.

Oculus Quest 2

Virtual Reality Headsets The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset tracks the movement of your body and head and translates them into a virtual environment with precision and without the need for external sensors. The two ergonomic touch controllers allow easy and intuitive control over applications and movement. We have two headsets which allow for collaborative use in 3D design applications such as Gravity Sketch , ShapesXR or Arkio . Designs created in VR can be exported f or 3D printing or for use in Virtual Galleries such as Spatial IO.

Mayku Formbox-Vacuum Former

The Formbox is a desktop vacuum former that can create plastic molds from flat sheet materials. The range of plastics that can be used on the Formbox include, PETG, HIPS, ABS, PS, PP, PC, PE and Acrylic. A lmost any solid object can be used to create unique molds and 3D printed objects work especially well. The molds are made in seconds using the vacuum bed and pick up fine details i n the finished molds. The bed size is L 200mm x D 200mm x H 130mm